Chapter 1301-04-2014
The advantage of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it allows you to keep your property. You keep your house. You keep your car. In fact, this type of bankruptcy is often specifically used to prevent you from losing your property. It can stop foreclosure and stop repossession. Your property will continue to be your property
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt consolidation plan. It is your opportunity to get back on track by building a payment plan designed to get rid of your debts in a way that works for you.

Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys28-02-2014
When you are facing overwhelming debts and dealing with non-stop creditor calls at home and work filing bankruptcy may be your best option. Put a stop to your sleepless nights and worry-filled days by contact a legal professional at Lanphier and Associates TODAY to see what the benefits of bankruptcy might be for your particular situation. Wouldn’t knowing that you can either completely discharge your debts or possibly enter into a structured payment plan put your mind at ease? The benefits of bankruptcy are clear:

Completely discharge your unsecured debts through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Work out an effective repayment plan over the course of 3 to 5 years!

-Stop harassing creditor calls!

-Stop wage garnishments, bank levies, property liens, and foreclosures!

-Get your financial freedom!

-Re-build your credit! Call us at 916-447-0222

Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers serving Roseville , Carmichael,Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove27-02-2014
Our fees are $1195. We offer payment plans.
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